Ranolazine ER Tablets

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Ranolazine ER Tablet Manufacturer – Ranolazine ER Tablets are prescribed for chest pain or chronic angina problems. You feel pain or pressure in your chest when the heart does not receive oxygen properly. This medicine might be used with other drugs to treat Angina.

Usage –

In general healthcare scenarios, this medicine can be consumed twice a day. You will swallow this medicine with water, before or after a meal. It is suggested to avoid grapefruit or grape’s juice whiles the course of medication because that may increase the medication amount in your bloodstream

Precautions –

  • This is always important to consult a doctor before continuing the course of medication
  • Follow the prescription religiously to get positive results from medicine and reduce the side-effects
  • Prepare a fixed schedule to intake the medicine. You should avoid consuming insufficient or overdosing on the medicine
  • Sharing the medicine with someone having the same symptoms may cause severe health issues. Hence, never follow such practices
  • Consumption of alcohol or tobacco may cause a negative impact on the body while the course of medication. Hence, follow a healthy lifestyle (eat healthily and do some physical exercise)
  • This medicine may treat your body differently while pregnancy and cause some side effects. So medical consultancy is required before consuming this medicine while pregnancy or breastfeeding

Side-effects –

  • Nausea, dizziness, fainting, or oversleeping
  • Constipation, upset stomach or diarrhea, stomach pain
  • Irregular heartbeat or fast heart poundings
  • Some respiratory problems such as heavy breathing

This medicine shows up some minor side effects. However, if you observe the severity of these issues then medical consultancy is helpful.

Dosage –

The dosage of the medicine depends upon your medical diagnosis and medical history. Discuss your past illness or any prolonged medical history with the doctor in detail so that an accurate dosage can be suggested.

Conclusion –

A regular consultancy will decrease the risks of side effects and increase the medicinal efficacy