Nitroglycerine Tablets

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Nitroglycerin Tablets Manufacturers –

Nitroglycerin Tablets are useful to prevent pain caused by any heart problem. This situation is called Angina when the heart is not getting proper blood supplies.  Nitroglycerin relaxes the blood vessels and enables them to supply the blood properly. However, it does not provide any relief in chest pain. Nitroglycerin tablets can be included with other medicinal dosages.

How to intake this medicine –

You may consume 3 – 4 tablets every day at the same time with or without a meal. Do not intake this medicine immediately after physical exercise.

Precautions –

  • A user must regularly consult a health care professional while the course of medication, to decide and change the dosage.
  • You may feel sleepy or weak while medication. Hence, use precautions while driving or anything that requires attentiveness.
  • This medicine causes headaches in the initial few days. You should consult a doctor if it happens even after one week of medication.
  • You should inform them about your medical history to the doctor such as any problem with the liver, kidney, or lungs and If, you are already consuming some other medicines.
  • This medicine can cause side effects if you do not follow consult your doctor regularly or if, you skip to follow the prescriptions.

Possible Side effects –

Nitroglycerin Tablets might cause you some nominal side effects such as

  • Low BP
  • Feeling Dozy or tired
  • Headache
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Body sensations like tingling or itching
  • You might have blurry vision

Dosage –

In general health care conditions, a user can consume 3-4 tables per day. However, you need a regular consultation while medication to decide and change the dosage.

Dosage is also a matter of your medical history and health status.

Conclusion –

Nitroglycerin Tablets are highly recommended to consume with prescriptions only. You may face some side effects from using this medicine without regular consultation. Do not stop using the medication all of sudden and keep it away from children’s reach.