Metoprolol Tablets

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Metoprolol Tablets Manufacturers – Metoprolol is a kind of beta-blocker. This medicine controls high blood pressure to reduce the risk of chest pain, heart attack, or stroke. It is mostly used with the combination of some other medicines like diuretics or some others.

How to intake this medicine –

You can take the prescriptive amount of the medicine every day at the same time, before or after a meal.

Do not try to skip the dose or increase the dose if you have skipped any.

Precautions –

  • You should discuss some important factors before consuming this medicine such as – Suffering from and liver, kidney, or lung disease, consuming any other medicine, or having an allergic reaction with any medicine if the consumer is pregnant or breastfeeding her baby,
  • The user should not stop the medication all of a sudden or without proper consultation. One must complete the medication course as prescribed
  • Keep on monitoring your blood sugar level, because this medicine decreases the symptoms of low blood sugar levels. Also, keep some sugary food with you for precaution.
  • A user should follow a healthy diet plan and participate in physical exercises regularly for the best rest of medicine.
  • Keep this medicine in a dry and cool place, do not let others to consume it for the same symptoms as you have, keep it away from children.

Possible Side effects –

Stomach pain, constipation, acidity, diarrhea, and lack of sexual desires or abilities, sleepiness, tiredness, dehydration, hair problems, headache, nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance, and sometimes weight gain.

A user must consult the doctor for medical complexity; otherwise, it can lead to a serious issue

Dosage –

In usual scenarios, you can intake 100 to 200 mg. but some users consume 400 mg per day depending upon their health conditions. There are multiple aspects to think about while deciding the dosage of the medicine. A health care advisory is most useful in this concern.


This is a safe medicine if, used under proper prescriptions.